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Frig not kicking on after the defrost mode. Replaced the defrost timer, I think it did help some. Now it works for maybe 1/2or3 days, then won't kick on again. When I open the freezer door &

\015 Frig not kicking on after the defrost mode. Replaced the defrost timer, I think it did help some. Now it works for maybe 1/2or3 days, then won't kick on again. When I open the freezer door & or tap the temperture control thermostat it starts right up. Again it may last 1/2/ or 3 days and then do the same thing. Wanted some confirmation (reasurance) that there is a good chance that the Temp Control Therm is what I need before spending another 60.00 bucks. Thank you for any help.\015

Answers :

Sounds like a t-stat to me. Next time when it does it, turn t -stat off and back on. If it comes on, replace it .

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Frig not kicking on after the defrost mode. Replaced the defrost timer, I think it did help some. Now it works for maybe 1/2or3 days, then won't kick on again. When I open the freezer door &

Sounds like a t-stat to me. Next time when it does it, turn t -stat off and back on. If it comes on, replace it . ... Amana ABB1927DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a crosley conservator refrigerator, it says "twist air" on the bottom of the freezer door, and while the freezer works ok, the fan in the back of the freezer has seemed to have stopped working, like 3 days ago, and the refrigerator area wont' cool any longer. Of course, I opened the freezer door and pushed the button to see if the fan would come on, and it would not. So, the first thing I did, even though there was really no ice build-up at all, was to completely turn it off and defrost i

Replace the evaporator fan in the freezer. ... Refrigerators

TAn item in our Frigidaire upright kept the door from closing. We were unaware of it until I notoced it and the freezer was defrosting. I delat with the food, closed the door, and it began to freeze again. Approximately 5 days laetr when I opened the door, it had stopped working at some time and was defrosting. It was running, but was never able to begin to freeze a small amount of water placed in a cup in the freezer. Several hours later, while we waited for the water to freeze, the top of

Re:" the top of the freezer was very hot to the touch."Check if the defrost element is staying always on, it looks like a shorted defrost thermostat.If instead there is ice on evap coils located behind the freezer, ten the problem i ... Refrigerators

My fridge is warm and my freezer is cold, please help My housemate left the door open yesterday on the freezer, and I spotted it a few hours later and close it, next morning milk was gone off, then a day later everything in the freezer had defrosted. Have fully defrosted it now and plugged it back in, freezer is starting to get cold, but the fridge is still warm :-(

Hi,There are a few reasons why the refrigerator part will not cool...here are a couple of tips that will help you to figure out why the ref ... Zanussi ZI918 / 12K Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Defrost problem problem first started when the door to the freezer was left open all night.. i shut it down for over 24 hrs.. and let it completely defrost.. frost built up on the back wall of freezer.. after plugging back in and letting run.. it does fine for about 4 or 5 days.. then i notice the back wall frosting up again... after removing the inside panel.. the whole unit is frozen solid.. it seems to be an auto defrost problem... is there anyway to reset..?? fans are working good.. fridge

No there is nothing to reset. It could be one of three things. Let the unit defrost completley. Take the same back pannel off. Check to see if your heater at the bottom is discolored or if you can see thats its broken inside. The next thing it could ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

GE upright freezer model FUF14DMDRWH. Found most items thawed but still cold. Must have been off for a couple days, maybe longer. Light was still on. Next day, yesterday, it was working again, but seemed to be running a lot. Today motor was off and seemed to be freezing. Just making the gurgling noise. After I opened the door for a bit the motor came on again. Freezer is only 8 years old, but is it telling me it is about to fail completely?

... GE Refrigerators

I have an Estate refrigerator by whirlpool Corporation, model # TT18DKXRQ01 with a 12-07 mfg. date. When you open the refrigerator door, as it closes, the freezer door always opens and closes. Apparently the magnetic gasket is not strong enough to keep the door from opening. I had to throw away 3-4 garbage bags of food due to the freezer defrosting overnight. We think due to the freezer door opening so easily that something that was stored in the door of the freezer fell down when we opened the

I also own a model # TT18DKXRQ01 Estate refrigerator and my freezer door pops open when I close the refrigerator. As you stated, this is caused by the magnet in the freezer gasket not being strong enough to hold. As far as I know, they do not make a ... Estate Refrigerators

Left door open on frigidare commercial white upright freezer @ 55" tall and came back two days later and all was thawed and freezer wont work. Is there a circuit breaker somewhere?

You killer it's dead ... Refrigerators

My fridge is not cooling,it is a kenmore 596.58642890.we un pluged it for about 5 days with the doors open to try to defrost it,we checked the seals and they are ok,the compressor is running as well as the evaporator fan,we manually turned the defrost timer and the compressor stopped running.the coils aren't really dirty so how do i check the climate controls? if one climate control goes out would both the freezer and fridge not cool?

I have a little question about the defrost. Did you see frost build up on the rear panel of the freezer. Is there no hot line coming from com compressor to condenser coil or cold from evaporator? Waiting on your answer, Sea Breeze ... Refrigerators

My freezer is a frost free upright, there is a pool of frozen water on bottom shelf. The 2 glass shelves and back have a layer of frost. Some food is unthawed. I thought maybe door was left partially open, to cause food to defrost, but have checked, it is firmly closed for last 6 hours and food has no re frozen, there is no further thaw, help. Freezer is about 3-4 yrs old. Linda

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Freezer 3 degrees, refrig. 50 degrees. unit has been completely defrosted, doors open for two days, then started up, and allowed to stabilize.jenn-air service man says needs new compressor. what do you think? very little cold coming from slots in refrig. roof. can the adjustable vanes be covering the slots and cutting off the cold air from the freezer side? .

Hello,If your refrigerator is not cooling, the problem could be \015\012any of the following, follow the steps below one after the order to fix \015\012the problem of your refrigerator not cooling.First of all, the \015\012mos ... Jenn-Air JCB2388G Side by Side Refrigerator

The freezer (left side) is not closing all the way and I can't seem to figure out how to put the side detachable baskets back into the freezer door. any help? I made sure to clear out any food that would refrain the door from closing but when I do close it, the door wont hook shut. Like when I open and close the right door the freezer immediatley opens up.

GE has a design defect where the latches fall off, so the doors won't stay closed. http://www.repairclinic.com/GE-Refrigerator-Parts ... GE GSH25JFR Side by Side Refrigerator

I believe this happened last year. The freezer door got left open. The refrigerator went into defrost mode and took a couple of days to kick in again. Meanwhile, the refrigerator is barely cold. How can I speed up the compressor to kick on again. I tried unplugging it for an hour and plugging it in again, but no luck. Model #MBF2254HFQ Only 2and a half years old.

The freezer compressor switches of once the freezer temperature goes beyond 15 degree. So in order to get the freezer back on :\015\012\015\0121. You will have to get the freezer back to its cool temperature.\015\0122. You will have to wait unt ... Maytag Refrigerators

I have a Samsung RF267ABWP Fridge with bottom Freezer. It started to make a loud buzzing sound and the noise seems to stops when the door is opened. We defrosted the fridge for a few hours and the noise stopped but a few days later it started again. The noise is loud and qquite annoying. Help!

... GE Profile PFSF6PK Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

We have a Samsung Fridge, Model SRS 598 NSS, side by side fridge and freezer. The fridge started making a loud noise when the door was opened as if the fan was coming to a halt. We had someone come out and he said it could possibly be the fan motor or a loose connection. So he defrosted the bottom of the fridge as it had frozen up, said there was a loose connection, fixed that and said it should be fine. That was 2 days ago and $300.00 later. Now it is making the same noise and the fridge i

Sounds like the motor is bad. if you have a warranty have him change it regardless if he thinks it is bad. the motor should not be noisy. If no warranty then have him check motor very good. also low refrigerant charge as well as it running too long ... Refrigerators

2 problems Ok, I have 2 problems with my fridge. I guess it started a day or two ago. The freezer is frosting over if that makes sense. And the fridge is not getting cold enough. It's not hot but it's not where it normally is either. I thought maybe my 5 yr old left the door open over night, slightly cracked if you will. But my husband and I both noticed even after we made sure it was closed it wasn't improving. There doesn't seem to be condensation on any of the food or drinks. And I g

Mel,\015\012\015\012That's a great question, that I would like to have an answer too. I'm having the same problem and can't figure it out. I had it off for about a year and now it doesn't want to cool like it should.\015\012 ... Roper RT21SKXLQ Top Freezer Refrigerator

Very loud noise could be a fan , when I open the freezer door it stops. Noise is not continuance, maybe 2 or 3 times every few days. very ignoring sound. Can I fix myself and how?

Well done.\012You have spotted the problem staight up.\012The fan is hitting on a build up of ice from the freezer.\012The defrost cycle is the problem.\012There is nothing to do but call a technician in to sort out the defros ... Samsung RS2530BBP (25 cu ft) Side by Side Refrigerator

Freezer fan starts sounding like its rubbing louder and louder on a french door model 79577312600. if I unplug it clean out the food and use a hair dryer to defrost behind the inner skin at the center vent openings at the rear it will start again and run a few days quitely. sears thinks the part #4681jk1004c a fan assembly will solve the problem. if the fan is icing up from a frost build up how is that the fan?

You are correct. it is not the fan causing your troubles.you have water getting into the fan blade and freezing next to the blade causing the noise.the ice maker is the most common problem. it maybe leaking behind the panels and causing w ... Refrigerators

The freezer door was left open for about 10-12 hours _ everything inside was defrosted. Now, when I close the door, the light on the outside of the door remains on and the "rushed ice" button light remain on. When I open the door the lights on the door go out. The freezer is working, but the ice, water, etc. on the door don't function proerly.

Press the button on the panel few times to change crushed ice to cubed ice.Also it can be related to faulty control board.It must have got wet and got short.Also check the water valve and drain line.If any thing still got blocked in the drain passing ... Maytag 25.6 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - White

Fridge worked perfect for 3yrs, one day i took everything out of the fridge side (left freezer door closed) to clean it, left the fridge door open for about 30 minutes as i cleaned the shelves, cripser etc. Next day the fridge side stopped cooling but the freezer side was normal temp and making ice. Unplugged the unit for one day, plugged it back in and it worked perfect for 2 weeks, after that both sides (fridge and freezer) stopped working.

You may have a big problem not sopose have the door open so long better you call service ... Frigidaire PLHS267ZA Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Bosch fridge-freezer (frost-free; model kdn 32 X00) which is 13 months old. After six months the fridge wouldn't cool down despite the freezer working properly. The first time Bosch came out without charge and said we had left the freezer door open and then said the solution was to defrost the freezer. Recently the same thing has happened despite no one leaving the door open! Is this always going to happen or have we got a dodgy fridge-freezer? Please help!!!

... Bosch Evolution 500 B20CS50SNS

For past two days, my refrigerator and freezer are not on. Light works when doors are open. I cleaned coils underneath, and it did turn on after cleaning. But it also turns on when I leave doors open for a few minutes, so I am not sure if it was the cleaning or the open doors that triggered it to go on, since I cleaned underneath while doors were open because it was easier to get bottom grid off when doors were open. It is 10 years old. It is an almond colored side by side with water and ic

... Kenmore 56239 / 56232 / 56234 / 56236 Side by Side Refrigerator

At first we though the freezer or refrigerator door had been left open. Ice was melting and dripping in freezer, food was thawed out, but the temperature in the freezer still indicated it was zero +/- 2 degrees F. We set the door alarm to see if we could determine when it was being left open. We dumped the ice and initiated quick ice function. Good ice was made and temp in the freezer returned to normal for a few days, then the ice began to melt again. We pulled the refrigerator away from the wa

Hi, \012As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. If ... GE PSC25NGS Side by Side Refrigerator

Molding inside door on freezer is very warm to the touch. Almost hot. Model TFX27EKC (21 YRS OLD) Freezer side seems to be working, but systme check on door, gives code FF. Refrigerator seems to be working, and freezer does too, except for the molding on the inside of freezer side is very warm. Is there a relay for a defrost coil that maybe stuck closed, causing the defrost coil to be turned on all the time?

Hi WR,Your symptoms scream "failed condenser fan motor!". This old unit is definitely worth the repair (one of the last of the great GE's). Here's the thing, the fan motor for your fridge calls for a #WR60X187 and this one runs about $110 ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a PFSS5PJXCSS French door with bottom freezer GE Profile refrigerator. Was making an awful noise and both fridge and freezer were warm. I opened back panel of freezer to find ice everywhere, defrosted with hair dryer, then realized the damper kept shutting on fridge. I unplugged damper and opened it. Actual temp in the fridge now is around 47, but my digital temp gauge on the door says it's 61. So, that's one problem, but won't get colder than 47 either.

Had similar problem, freezer was working fine, but fridge was warm, (68 degrees) It wasnt my damper, the mother board was fried, and so was the inverter board that told the compressor what to do, after having the inverter and two mother boards replac ... GE Profile PDS20SFS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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