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My freezer is not keeping items froze. I have the fridge in the garage

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You need to clean the condenser fins. The fins may be covered with lint that is probably interfering with heat transfer. Compressed air is probably one the best ways to remove lint, and if you have no access to compressed air, a flat brush and vacuum cleaner would do. After cleaning, your freezer should work okay.

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I recently had to throw away some questionable food that had partially thawed in the freezer cabinet of my kenmoore, model# 253.67882508 fridge with freezer on top. i keep this fridge in my garage and in the winter i keep the garage @ 50f degrees usually but ive had trouble with the limit on the garage heater. we had a cold snap here in indy @ that same time so the garage temp has been cosiderably colder. the fridge was made in sept. of '07. if i adjust the stat colder the evaporator fan, the c

Probably,there is a garage kit available that willallow it to work at colder temps,listed in owners manule under accessories the thermostat senses refrig compartment temps.soif garage temp is below 40 or so the thermostat just doen't turn the unit on ... Refrigerators

I have a frigidare fridge model frt18b4aw4 out in my unheated garage that the fridge is keeping cold but the freezer is not freezing the items in there.

... Frigidaire FRT18S6AW Top Freezer Refrigerator

Our Magic Chef fridge model # MCBR1000W does not seem to be keeping the fridge part cool enough, but still keeps the items in the freezer section frozen. The compressor is working, so not sure why this is happening. If the freezer compartment was overly filled, could this be an issue? Does the refridgerator portion get it's cooling from the vents in the front of the freezer section? And if it does, if the freezer door was not closed tightly would this affect the temperature in the fridge com

Yes the freezer door not closing properly will effect the refrigerator. also check in the freezer back wall and bottom for any frost buildup. If so, it is not defrosting as it should.\015\012\015\012\015\012 \015\01 ... Magic Chef Refrigerators

My freezer is not keeping items froze. I have the fridge in the garage

You need to clean the condenser fins. The fins may be covered with lint that is probably interfering with heat transfer. Compressed air is probably one the best ways to remove lint, and if you have no access to compressed air, a flat brush and vacuu ... Admiral Refrigerators

My fridgedaire side by side freezer's condensor is freezing over and warming the fridge side, I defrosted it the fridge side is keep cool enough to keep food but the freezer side will not get cold to freeze items nor make ice. The fan for the evaporator works but the ice maker no longer turns I thought it might be the thermostat but I just wanted to get some advice before trying to fix it myself or calling a repairman

Hello,\012This is a type of faulty you can handle yourself, most times this is a bad cold control, but there are other things to check for. Make sure the condenser fan is working and the coils are not covered with dust. A separated heat exchanger ( ... Refrigerators

Freezer works great, as it should, but fridge is only keeping items room temp. I have the setting at the coldest setting: #7. What is wrong?

Here's what I did, I defrosted! I found out that the fridge temp is monitored and maintained by the freezer. Because we had a power outage one night, my freezer thawed while we all slept and then when power came back on, freezer re-froze but this cau ... Maytag MBB1954G Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My Frigidaire model FRT18L4JB1 stopped working. I noticed that the freezer had stopped getting cold, while the fridge part was fine. What could be wrong with it? We've hardly used it at all, bought it pretty much right after it came out in Aug. of '08, and keep it in the garage as an extra fridge in case of guests, summer parties, etc....

Many times the refrigerator is turned of with the freezer door shut. This causes the fan motor to rust on the ensd of shaft. Remove back panel of freezer (unplug first) put a little 3n1 oil on the fan shaft give a spin then plug in and make sure the ... Refrigerators

My Whirlpool Freezer/Refrigerator model# ET19RMXGW02 is not keeping items cold. The ice maker is not working. There is frost in on the back wall of the freezer but objects like ice cream are all soft. Objects in the door (ice packs) are not freezing. The refrigerator does not seem cold. I have turned the freezer and fridge up

Your evaporator coil behind this frost on the wall is iced up and you cant blow cold air through solid ice,remove this panel and defrost the coil,then check the defrost heating element below the coil,the defrost thermostat located on the coil or the ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I keep this fridge in the garage, and the cold weather is turning off the freezer. Is there an inexpensive heater device that i can attach to the thermostat to "fool" the freezer into turning on?

... GE Americana 15.6 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore bottom freezer fridge. Can't find the manual. Is 7 the coldest setting or 1? We keep the fridge in our garage and with the artic temps we are having we need to adjust it.

Most refr's dont so well when the ambiant temps fall below 50 degrees. you should not need to adjust the controls must past the "midpoint" usually 4. but 7 is the coldest setting. the best thing you can do is check what the actual temps are in ... Refrigerators

Ge Refrigerator not cooling. The Fridge seems to be cool, but the freezer is not keeping items totally frozen. I removed all the food from the freezer, pull out the unit, cleaned the dust and dirt from the entire underside of the unit including the fan blades, and compressor coils. Checked seals and in-door ice dispenser door. Everything looks sealed up tight. Please advise and thank you for your expert assistance.

This sounds like a typical freon leak, and you haven't lost much from what I can tell. Any decent AC or Fridge tech can recharge you for a nominal fee. Just be sure to shop around for the best pricing. I recommend an AC specialist since they won't ov ... Refrigerators

Had my fridge in the garage for quit a while. It worked fine, then slowly started to lose the ability to keep cool, except the freezer keeps working. Have any ideas of what i can check myself

Hi, with the information you supplied i'm going to assume there is an ice build up at the rear of the freezer.\015\012Your problem is going to be with your defrost system. I will also\015\012assume you have the ability to repair this yourself. This i ... Haier RRTG18PABB (207 cu ft) Refrigerator

I have a side by side maytag plus MZD2766GE. i keep finding water by freezer front wheel approx every other day. i have had freezer and fridge turned up to around 7.5 in the past. we had moved and wanted to get it up to temp once in new house. Bought used and had tried for month in garage with no leaks on 5 for a setting. is it possible i shifted something moving it? or that i had temp to cold. I just turned down tonight and will see what happens

Usually a plugged defost drain line in the freezer. The unit defrosts every 6 to 12 hours, depending on your defrost timer, and the water drips down into a drain trough that has a small hole going into a tube that feeds out above the condensate drai ... Maytag MZD2766GES Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an Amana ARSE665BC side by side. It worked perfect when it was in my kitchen. I moved it to my garage and plugged it in less than a half hour after moving it. It no longer get cold enough to keep food frozen and the fridge section gets to about 50. Also in the freezer there is some frost near the bottom. Any ideas!

... Amana ARSE665BS Side by Side Refrigerator

I bought a model FRT18B5JB2 in August 'o9 to put out in the garage for extra cooling and freezing room This winter the freezer is not keeping items frozen. They are no thawed completely, but they are not forozen completely Why not?

Refrigerators do not work correctly in the winter in unconditioned space.It is too cold for the unit to run normally.The compressor oil gets sluggish and strains the compressor when it does run.The thermostat never warms enough for the un ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Our 10 year old Amana fridge (side by side) cannot keep a constant temperature. Some days the alarm will beep that both the refridgerator and freezer temperatures are warm. You can see that the ice cube tray is melting and any items on the top shelf are warm. Other days the carrots in the refridgerator crisper freeze even if we do not alter the temperature settings. Please help . We have had two service people in, paid over $270 and have tried a new fan. The problem still exists. Please help!

If the fan is turning like it is supposed to, either the temp sensor or temp control may be faulty. You can test them with an ohmmeter to make sure they are receiving and sending power. ... Amana Refrigerators

Water isn't coming out of the dispenser, freezer doesn't get really cold on top to keep items frozen. Fridge seems to be working fine.

Probably defrost heater is not functioning because it is no good or the defrost timer is not turning on. If you find ice in the back of the the freezer that would indicate the the heater is not functioning. Defrost the ice. Unplug the fridge. r ... Amana 22.6 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with FrontFill Ice and Water

Whirlpool side by side fridge and freezer 2000+ model mint conditon. problem is freezer 5 in parts and 25 other parts. Fridge 45-50. Dials sent up to high to keep cool. Took all out as we have a seperate freezer and seperate fridge. What do you think would be the problem. I thought maybe too much was getting jammed in the freezer a s cool goes from freezer to fridge. Took some stuff out of freezer last night thawed out juices and completely frozen other stuff. Temp in fridge went down to 38 degr

Food packages should not past the forward edge of the shelf. doors should close completely and easily, not binding or obstructed or out of adjustment. ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Whirpool Fridge Both Freezer and Fridge compartments stopped keeping optimum teperature. Freezer compartment is working as a fridge, and fridge also not keeping the tempeture as it should. Both temperature controls are on maximum (I actually tried many different combinations with no luck).

Hello Maxleilao,Welcome,You said, Both Freezer and Fridge compartments stopped keeping optimum temperature. Freezer compartment is working as a fridge, and fridge also\015\012not keeping the temperature as it should. Bo ... Whirlpool GD2SHGX Refrigerator

Whirlpool fridge freezer type cb335w freezer works but fridge keeps turning itself off. problem started when we returned back of hols for 3 days found fridge freezer completely dead. checked fuse ok then tryed turning fridge stat back and forward fridge came back on but after 2-3 hours freezer froze and switch itself off with top fridge still warm. can anyone suggest

... GE Profile 21.7 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator TCX22PACWW

Neither fridge nor freezer will keep cold. Motor & Fan are still working. First noticed how warm fridge was. Emptied out everything. Unplugged. Vacuumed behind and underneath. Okay for a week with minimal food stored. Refilled both freezer and fridge till full of food. Fridge kept temp of 40 - 41 for day. Then after making dinner (repeatedly opening and closing doors), temp was 57 - 62. Everything in freezer was melting. Emptied everything out again. Freezer and Fridge will hold temp with minima

It proberbly has slow gas leakage get it toped up with gas and the leakage points must be traced and sealed ... Amana DRS2660B Side by Side Refrigerator

Water is leaking from the freezer circulation hole to the fridge and some of it ices up on the top shelve of the fridge and in the freezer there is ice the is building up in the back part of the freezer but above were it would vent. I have cleaned up the fridge and removed the ice from the freezer but it keeps coming back. I have also replaced the in the grille water filter and unplugged it for an hour to see if it would fix the issue but nothing seems to work. The fridge and the freezer are sti

Hi,The drain for the water to get away when defrosting is frozen shut...Checkout this tip to help you..Water Running in Refrigerator from ... Kenmore 64802 Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a 4 year old Liebherr ICN 3066 fridge freezer. The freezer is keeping its temperature but the fridge seems to keep getting warm and going up to 12 oC. The fridge only returns to 4oC when I press the supercool button. Is this normal or should I call out an engineer?

... Refrigerators

My whirlpool side by side isn't keeping the fridge cold and the freezer has ice build up on the back wall of freezer. I have also noticed that the upper part of both freezer and fridge are a lot warmer the the bottom part. I have had the repair man out twice in the last week and he keeps telling me that the fan, thermostat, heater and all are working fine he couldn't find the defrost timer. I am tired of throwing things away. could someone please help me???

Should be in the fridge side in the top either left or right side most are on the left but i would change tstat as well ... Whirlpool GC5THEXNS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Hotpoint refrigerator Model HSS221FMD, Serial # GD279001. The Freezer compartment keeps freezing up which eventually causes items to defrost and failure of the cold storage half to keep unfrozen items cold. I unload all items from the freezer compartment and the refrigerator half, defrost the whole thing and it works fine for 3 or 4 weeks and the whole process is then repeated.

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