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My outlet in my garage overloaded. I had a Admiral refrigerator Model# Nt71l6 plugged up to it. When I plugged it in to a different outlet it did not start back up, yet the interior light is on. I don't know if the cold weather is playing a part in this. What do you think the problem could be?

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Normally an appliance that requires a lot of wattage such as your refrigerator, micowaves, draw a lot of amperage. you may have to look to see how many amps your appliance is required to run.check your breaker and the amp size. if it is less than what your appliance draws. that could be your problem. you might try running a cord to a circuit where you may have a microwave or large appliance plugged in. good luck!
First you need to confirm the presence of power in that outlet before proceeding with prescribed solution.
The start relay may be bad. If bad, check the compressor winding with an ohmmeter. If compressor tests OK, proceed to replace the start relay. Do not forget to check the thermostat; if good that will eliminate it as a culprit.

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My outlet in my garage overloaded. I had a Admiral refrigerator Model# Nt71l6 plugged up to it. When I plugged it in to a different outlet it did not start back up, yet the interior light is on. I don't know if the cold weather is playing a part in this. What do you think the problem could be?

Normally an appliance that requires a lot of wattage such as your refrigerator, micowaves, draw a lot of amperage. you may have to look to see how many amps your appliance is required to run.check your breaker and the amp size. if it is less than wha ... Admiral Refrigerators

Refrigerator GE Profile Model TPX24BIBA WW(purchased 5 years ago) The freezer and refrigerator are not cold enough. We checked the lights and they go off when the doors are closed. We cleaned the coils underneath. We disconnected it for 24 hours and after we plugged it back on, it worked very well for 2-3 days then the problem came back. Please let me know what you think the problem could be. Thank you.

Hello,A refrigerator not cold enough is a hassle, because you are at risk of spoiling the foods you store in there. Most often, this problem is caused by something easy to fix.1. Faulty Door GasketsThe door gaskets in a ... GE Refrigerators

Just brought a second hand freezer for garage. It worked at the house but when I brought it back home and plugged it in it didn't get cold I had a green light on and a red hazard light on. Should I have let it stand for 24 hrs. It was moved upright in the car. Have turned off now and going to leave for 24 hrs and try again. Could this work and don't know what the lights mean.?

The green light means it has power . The red light means the temp is not satisfactory . If the freezer was laid on its side anytime and did not sit for 24 hrs before plugging it in , then it's no good anymore due to compressor pumping solid oil into ... Refrigerators

Kitchenaid Superba Side by Side Fridge: a lot of water is leaking from the freezer side; we can't seem to locate the problem; our ice maker/water dispenser is not plugged it (we don't use it)... what else could be the problem (we were told to check the compressor, and coils, but we don't know where they are exactly). Freezer is cold (we hear a motor running)... but most of our food have defrosted and is causing the water leakage. Please help us.

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator\012\012Refrigeratornot Cooling or Fridge not Co ... Refrigerators

I have an Coldmate MR-128 Mini Cooler/Warmer Deluxe Mini Refrigerator. i dont have any power cords for it. i do know know where to find the cords to plug it in. the only place where a cord could go on the back of the mini fridge says DC 12 V and it has two metals things sticking out. i am guessing i need a cord with tho woles on one side, and the other side to go into the outlet. i need to get it working ASAP. Where can i get such cord, please!!!!!!!

... ThermoKool MR-128 Compact Refrigerator

Roper model RT18DKXDN10. The refrigerator is running but is not getting cold. Seals around door are good, light goes off when door closes. The refrig is outside on our deck. It worked fine but stopped wkg due to the GFCI receptacle that controls power to the deck outlet had gone off about a month ago. WE took everything out of the refrig then and unplugged it. At the time we did not know why there was no power to that outlet. Found out today about the GFCI which has been reset. WE plugged the re

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freeze ... Roper Refrigerators

My refrigerator is a GE model PDS22SCRBRSS when plugged in it makes a clicking noise and the light blinks in sync with the clicking about 1 time per second. It also doesn't get cold. An FixYa expert said it was probably a locked up compressor, but he gave not advice on how to test that. I would like to troubleshoot this problem so I know exactly what is wrong, but I need advise on how to test it. I also would like advise on how to fix it myself, which was the reason I signed up for this site.

Hi and welcome back to FixYa,On your query "..how to test it (compressor).." and confirm whether it is at fault, to try are:\012\012use a clamp ammeter to determine if the current ... Refrigerators

Kenmore refrigerator/freezer not cold! I have a Kenmore Coldspot model 57572791 refrigerator/freezer that suddenly stopped cooling/freezing. I took off the back & think it is the compressor @ the bottom left that feels hot but no making sound. Vacuumed out the dust. Any suggestions? Not sure it is related, but had my Christmas tree plugged in to what I now know is an outlet shared by the refrigerator in the garage--noticed tree lights were on/off dimming just before I took it down, then foun

It is not likely, but since you had the lights on the same circuit it is possible that the breaker for that circuit may be tripped. Have you checked the breaker? ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have an LG side by side model number LRSC26925SW that suddenly stopped running. All lights are off including outer door ice and water dispenser, however the freezer light is still on but everything is thawing. When I unplug it then plug it back in i can hear the compressor kick on but only for about 3 minutes then it's off again same symptoms as mentioned before. The outlet or connections do not appear to be the problem because I tried multiple outlets with the exact same results and also plug

Hello,Unplug for one hour and plug it back.If after doing this the problem continues, replace the start relay on the compress and the fridge will start working.Thanks for contacting Fixya. ... LG Refrigerators

I have a Samsung refrigerator (RB194ABRS) that no cold in frige with alarm beeping. When I open the frige door, the light in the frige is not on, but 5 minute later the light on automatically. I close the door and the frige is getting cold. But two hours later same problem happened. Could it be the door switch no good? I could not find where the door swich is and how can it be replaced.

... Samsung RB2155 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Not cold I actually have a GE Profile PSC23NGSB. Lights are flashing, the fridge and freezer are not cold. Tried everything in the troubleshooting manual. Nothing is working. Can't find a "showroom" button. Unplugged and plugged back in and tried a new outlet to no avail. Any help is appreciated as it is Sunday. Thanks. Interior lights are on, the LED just flashes HRS and the LED isnt responsive. The fan and the compressor are not on..Not cold..This was in a Model Home for 1 year therefore it w

The most likely suspect is a defective WR55X10656 main control board. The board is located on rear of refrigerator and the fridge will need to be unplugged to examine it. Remove cover to the board by removing the sheet metal screws ... GE Profile 22.2 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Bottom-Mount Freezer - Black

We have a Dometic RM2611 Fridge/Freezer in a 1995 Kodiak 5th Wheel. The campground we were staying in shut down the power for a couple of hours. When the power came back on our fridge quit working. No lights come on, we checked all fuses & they are OK. We have power at the plug on the back of the fridge, so there is power coming into the fridge. What do you think could be the problem. The other thing that quit working was the stereo. Everything else works. What do you think the problem could be

... Dometic Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore ColdSpot Refridgerator MODEL # 52552100. It was working fine until we moved it to my friends house, now it's not blowing cold air. Any ideas to what this may be? Hopefully it's just a reset or something we hit?? Now we have it hooked into a GFI outlet instead of a dedicated outlet like its previous position, could this be the problem? Although, it's not tripping the GFI, it remains on, just not blowing cold air.

... Kenmore 52582 / 52584

Hi, I have a KENMORE ELITE 501_75193. All lights inside in front panel are on now, the temperatures for freezer and fridge shows -88 and super freezing light, lock and filter lights are on as well. The temperature in fridge section goes down fast and all fruits are freezing. I unplugged the power and plugged in the power after 1 minute and the lights went off and it showed temperatures normally but after few hours it happened again. Do you know what should I do to solve the problem.

... Kenmore 75193

I have a Dometic Model NDR 1292 refrigerator in my motorhome. The refrigerator will work on gas but not on electric. I have check all the fuses and they are all good. When I connect the refrigerator to 120 Ac and turn on the refrigerator on the front. The AES light will come on for a brief moment and then the AC light and then the AC light will go off and the refrigerator will revert to gas. I check at the rear of the refrigerator electic outlet and I have electricity. What could be the problem

... Dometic NDR 1292 Refrigerator

I have a Danby Millenium wine refrigerator - Model # DWC044BLP. It no longer gets cold inside...however, the back of the fridge does get cold - the tank (that I assume holds the Freon) is still cold to the touch. I was told that the problem could be that the thermostat needs to be replaced. If this is true, how can I get to where the thermostat is located? I can't seem to get into the area of the electronic display. Please let me know your thoughts on how to troubleshoot this further - with

Hi,Read the Tip Written by Me :-http://www.fixya.com/support/r3886637-refrigerator_not_cooling_enough_or_notThere are so many problems, so do not spend money and time troubleshooting Defrost System / Thermostat, if ... Refrigerators

I have a estate refrigerator, model tt21akxkq01...wont keep cold, i hit the plastic cover right by the light unit and it starts working again..i have taken the cover off where the light is and noticed nothing loose or anything..Is there a sensor that could be bad or sticking next to the light outlet??

Is the freezer side ok but the fridge side not? The place your are hitting may be the fridge damper area where the cold air comes through from the freezer to the fridge. It may be sticking closed. It should open when the fridge temp selector is turne ... Estate TT21AKXKQ / TT21AKXKT Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a 22 yr old top freezer fridge. I took it to my cabin last year when I bought a new one for the house. However, it does not work-get cold at all. We don't leave the electricity on when we are not at the cabin. Could this be the problem? When we get to the cabin we plug it in. But the 2 days we are in the cabin it will not get cold. Is it worth fixing it, or it too old. We do have another older fridge that the moment we turn the electricity in the cabin we turn the fridge on, it takes abou

Ok Sounds like a place i would love to go but ....\015\012First, if the trip to the cabin was very bumpy chances are it sprung a leak and lost its gas charge , if this is the case , repairing it may cost more than replacement depending on the locatio ... Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with IceMagic Plus Ice Maker

My Whirlpool fridge, a smaller model (24" wide, 22" deep, 61" high) was bought in late 2005. It has been moved a couple of times. It is now in a basement but plugged into 3-pronged outlet. It had to be moved across the room and an appliance extension cord used because its own cord wouldn't reach the outlet. But the problem has been and still is since it's been here that the bottom part doesn't keep the food cold at all, and the freezer does make ice cubes but the ice cream is soft and the frozen

If the freezer was tipped on its side to move, and you plugged it in before waiting for the refrigerant to settle - your compressor may have been saturated by refrigerant.\015\012Normally - 12 hours is recommended for refrigerant to settle in t ... Refrigerators

Hi, I have a Whirlpool refrigerator, the model is et4wskxkq06. In the past week I've noticed the freezer seems to be cold enough but not the refrigerator...or fresh food part lol. I also noticed that I haven't been hearing the fan or compressor running lately, when I put my ear up to it, I hear it running, and the light is on. I'm sure there are a lot of different things that could be causing the problem, but I just wanted to share something in particular that might help find the problem fas

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I have a GE GSH22JSTASS, same problem with both sides not getting cold. Previous answer about the PSS26MSRSS was helpful but the plugs on my model are not the same. (I think the posting was Pt# WR55X10942) Can you advise which plug wires to jump in order to confirm that the compressor is working or not? Thanks very much. I'd like to know whether or not it is the compressor or the main control board.

Hi,You could read a nice article that i wrote for the same problem :-http://www.fixya.com/support/r3886637-refrigerator_not_cooling_enough_or_notNow,Yes it could be compressor ( rare ) or compressor rel ... Refrigerators

GE- GTS22WC refrigerator. Both the refrigerator and the freezer stopped cooling, We put it in the basement thinking it was no good, and after a few months we plugged it back in and it worked ok for about two weeks, then stopped again. Just plugged it in again and it is cooling again! The fans all work fine on it, lights are on,etc. Seems ok once again, but I know it will stop again if we can not figure out what the problem is.

The auto defrost heat element is not working. When the ice buildup clogs the airflow the unit stops cooling. Once you unplug it and give it a chance to melt it works again. You need to have the defrost unit replaced. ... GE GTS22KBP Top Freezer Refrigerator

Whirlpool ET18NK fridge does not get cold but freezer is ok. The freezer portion is around 15 degrees, but the fridge wont get colder that about 53 degrees. The house was empty for about 6 months, and we plugged in the fridge before the heat was on in the house. Dont know the exact temp when we plugged it in, but it wasnt much above freezing, if at all.

If the fan is frozen this would be cause because something in the defrost system is bad. Or you could have a open motor. Make sure the door gasket is sealing. ... Whirlpool 18.2 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator ET18PKXG

The light and digital thermastat light had stayed off even with door open. Do you know what the problem could be?

Your motherboard in the lower rear area of the unit is defective,if you have had light bulbs burned out in the refrigerator recently this causes a surge that ruins this boards circuit trace,sometimes if you replace the lights and they dimly strobe an ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

This fridge won't dispense water. It did this morning, nothing done all day that could affect fridge or water supply. I'm an engineer and I know a little about tracing problems. I checked the line in at the back and it has pressure. Filter fills with water when I disconnect and re-install filter, so it seems water should be getting to dispenser line. Checked coldness settings. Freezer control is on 4 and fridge on 3 so coldness settings should not cause line to freeze anywhere. Anyone out there

My guess is things work till they don;t . and if your problem is simple we can solve it as. 2 mind's are better than one . if the frig is running longer to keep cold . it could be dust on the cond coil . or the cond fan running sl ... GE GSH22JFT Energy Star 22.0 Cu. Ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator w/Dispenser & Child Lock: Black

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